Polish Draughts in 1710

The Frenchman Pierre Marin, fled to Amsterdam, wrote several French-Dutch and Dutch-French dictionaries. In his "Dictionnaire complet François et Hollandois", edited Amsterdam 1710, he mentioned the variety Polish draughts (French damer à la Polonoise, Dutch Pools dammen).

Marin 1710 page 277

In the first entry Marin deals with the French noun dame, a word meaning 'singleton in draughts and tables'. The second entry gives the sense of the French interjection dame, 'gosh!', 'good gracious!'. In the third entry we find the sense of the French verb damer: 'to promote a singleton to king by putting a second singleton on top of it', with the French expression damer le pion à quelqu'un, 'steal a march on someone', based on draughts. In the fourth entry Marin asks his readers: "Sçavez vous damer à la Polonoise? Kend gy op zyn Pools dammen?": "Are you able to play Polish draughts?"